Dr.Moose - An Iconic Independent Byron Brand

Dr.Moose was established in 1995 and has grown into the well-loved and recognised brand that it is today. We are a longstanding and iconic shop, synonymous with the world-famous Byron Bay experience. Our founder, Rob Wall, started Dr.Moose with his sons Nick, Tim and Justin, slinging bootleg CDs, tapes, records, screen-printed and transfer t-shirts. Interestingly, Rob was the first person to bring T-shirt transfer technology into Australia from the USA in the 1970's. People visited from Australia-wide to buy the latest funny t-shirts, music from overseas (at discount rates, ahem), and vibe out to the DJs spinning records on the decks. In the 28 years, we've been open, things have changed and evolved, however, we've still always made sure to keep that Dr.Moose magic that Rob created all those years ago. People still flock to our store year after year (including regular Matt Damon - YES, THAT MATT DAMON. MATT DAAAAMONNNN.) and we still sell the funny and unique t-shirts, but have sadly have to drop the bootleg cd's and tapes (who even has a cd or tape player these days anyway haha). 

What we do

We mainly design and print what we find funny or are into, so it's a lot of Aussie humour ("yewma Kimmy, I'm using yewma."), party shirts, streetwear, fishing, modern culture, old-school movies, and whatever else floats our boat at the time. We are constantly making new designs, and are always open to suggestions too. 

In a world of brand domination, we wanted to give our customers a free hand in obtaining and designing custom-made quality shirts and accessories that represent their own unique individuality. Our in-house shirts and apparel are like none that you will find anywhere else - something we pride ourselves on. We like to celebrate individuality and have an epic time doing it. We print exclusively on As Colour garments which are the highest quality available, ethically sourced, and support the Good Cotton Initiative. Click here to read more on our Sustainability Practices. 

Who are we?

Dr.Moose is owned and managed by Rachael and Dale, Byron Bay locals. We are all about everything our wonderful surrounds has to offer - lots of fishing, nature, exploring the hinterland for waterfalls, snorkelling in the pristine ocean, parties, beers with mates, and BBQing. Basically living the Aussie dream. We have a thirst for reflecting Aussie life in our t-shirts, and we absolutely love what we do.  Oh and how could we forget Moose, our golden retriever shop dog? She regularly comes to hang with us in the shop over Summer and gets a million pats daily—such a heckin' good girl. Next time you get to Byron, pop in, chances are she'll be there, heckling for pats. 
Thanks for reading and for supporting Aussie family independent business. 

If you have any queries, custom images to print, or feedback, please contact Rachael or Dale. 
Facebook: drmoosebyronbay
Instagram: drmoosetshirts

We reserve the right to decline printing anything we deem homophobic, racist or sexist.