Good news! Making customs couldn't be easier. Here's a little 'how to' that we've put together with some handy tips to create the best custom ever! 


Selecting your image:

1. GOOGLE: If you can, when selecting an image from google, hover the mouse over the image size, and we're ideally looking for sharp images that are 500 x 500 or higher. 

2. PHONE: Most smart phones takes high res images these days, so just make sure you upload the 'actual size' version if asked when attaching an image to an email or the customs section of our website when ordering. Please try to avoid sending Screenshots as they are really low resolution. We will print them for you but sending the actual image gives a way better print. 

3. BACKGROUND: If the image or design is not a square/rectangle shaped, and it has a background colour, then we at Dr.Moose would have to try to remove that background colour before printing. Ideally, attach an image that has a transparent background (png or psd) so that our printer solely prints the logo and not the background along with it. 

Image above: the resolution of image ideally 500 x 500 on google or bigger.

Once you've found your perfect image, select your style, colour and whether you want front, back, or both sides printing. Customs section of the website is here

Now you've made your order, it's our time to shine! 



We use a top of the range DTG (direct to garment) printing machine in our store in Byron Bay. It prints full colour, in very fine detail, so you can print technical and precise prints with confidence. We use this machine to print all of our shirts over the entire Dr.Moose range. 

The printer lays down the ink 'direct to garment', meaning directly from the print head onto the material, giving a light colourful print (instead of a thick shiny layer like screen prints or transfers).  

DTG printing customs


Once the design has been printed, we cure it in a heat press for 35 seconds and then she's ready to wear. You beauty! 

The Printing Process:


Washing Tips:

To look after any DTG printed garment, we provide these washing tips below.

1. Cold machine wash

2. Inside out

3. No stain removers

4. No dryer


More examples of our prints:

To see many more examples of our printing check out our socials:

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FB: @drmoosebyronbay


Vintage vibes:

Our custom Tshirts are designed to give a gentle vintage fade look after a number of washes which is yet another highlight of DTG prints. Your customs look like your most well loved vintage tee in no time.