Finding truly ethically sourced clothing can be a nightmare, trust us we get it. Here at Dr.Moose we are always striving to make our products more ethically sourced, to do our bit for supporting a fair living wage and ethical companies who treat their workers to good work conditions.

We started using As Colour as our sole blanks brand 8 years ago and haven't looked back. They are all round legends, making the best 100% cotton preshrunk blanks, which are perfect for printing our epic designs in our store in Byron Bay. 

AS Colour 2

Here is a little bit about their blanks and how they are always striving for great environments for workers, fair pay, and a whole lot more. 

As Colour are a Kiwi company, started in 2006, expanded to Australia in 2014. They've quickly become one of Australia's favorite blank clothing providers, and that's because they are the best in terms of quality, trends and social responsibility. It's a huge reason why our awesome customers keep coming back to buy our quirky streetwear, customs and the rest! 

They do so much to ensure they consistently score so highly on the ethical scale, but here are some of our favourite reasons!

  • They scored A- grade in the Baptist World Aid Australia's 'Ethical Fashion Report 2019', which grades companies, from A to F, on the strength of their systems to mitigate against the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation in their supply chains, as well as protect the environment from the harmful impacts of the fashion industry. Assessment criteria fall into five main categories: policies, transparency and traceability, auditing and supplier relationships, worker empowerment and environmental management.
  • In 2020 Baptist World Aid Australia released The COVID Fashion Report, a special edition of their Ethical Fashion Report. The report is framed around six COVID Fashion Commitments that ask companies to demonstrate the steps and measures they are taking to protect and support the most vulnerable workers in their supply chains. This company showed evidence of actions that cover ALL areas of the COVID Fashion Commitments.
  • They are a member of the Better Cotton Initiative: a voluntary initiative which encourages the adoption of better management practices in cotton cultivation to achieve measurable reductions in key environmental impacts, while improving social and economic benefits for cotton farmers, small and large, worldwide.
AS Colour

For more information on As Colour and yet more reasons why we use them for all of our shirts and bags, take a look here.

The printing is all done in house at Dr.Moose in Byron Bay, by the small team of 3. We all design and print, and absolutely love what we do!

So in conclusion, no sweatshops or poor work conditions were used in the design and creation of any of our shirts! That's something not a lot of companies can say, and something we are so proud of!

Get into it! <3